6 Amazing Lifestyle & Healthcare Technology Products

deviceLifestyle and healthcare technology are some of the hottest topics, especially around this time of the year with the CES having just passed. There have been many tech products in the past few years that promised to change the world or at least how we live our lives; most have not lived up to those promises.  Most of us are fans of lifestyle and healthcare technology, from home automation to home monitoring. But, the truth is, products don’t really impact the lives of its users so much until they reach the point where they empower us to be, do or achieve more with our lives. That’s where most manufacturers get it wrong; they don’t ask what we (the users) want, need or aspire to that their technology can assist us with. Click here for 6 lifestyle and healthcare technology products that do just that. From independent life at home to being out-and-about to health, these products (and many using similar technology) are poised to help us achieve goals for our own lives.


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