Decluttering can mean transforming lives…yours and others, too!

DeclutterHome1Overwhelmed by clutter? You’re not alone. I once heard someone say that we actually use 20% of what we own, and the other 80% is just, well…perhaps clutter. De-cluttering definitely impacts your life (and your sanity), however keep in mind it could impact the lives of others in need, too. Thinking that way just might give you that extra boost of motivation you need to defeat the “closet project” you’ve been dreading.

1. Have a yard sale and donate the proceeds: Invite  your friends and neighbors to join you. Have some activity stations set up for the kids, let them sell lemonade and cookies. That will give the parents more time to shop and spend money for the cause. At the end of the day, you will have a cleaner house, clearer mind, fun memories, and a nice donation check for the charity of your choice. You will also find people are more likely to help out when they know it’s for a good cause- so be sure to talk it up!

2. Find specialty organizations for specific things you’re trying to donate: Not sure what to do with that wedding dress?( All those stuffed animals? ( Eyeglasses? ( The internet makes it easy to search and find donation centers worldwide- so many people committed to specific causes.

3. “Accept-all” donation centers: Tight schedule? Too busy for #1 or #2 above? No worries. Figure out which donation center works best for you (cause, convenience, location, etc.) and take a trunk-full. Better in the hands of those in need than stuffed in the back of your closet! Giving away a lot of valuable items? Be sure to request a donation receipt for your tax purposes.

If you’re not sure where to start, pick a project in your home and find organization inspiration on pinterest, professional organizer’s websites, and in magazines. Once you have a direction, give yourself a time limit for clearing out the clutter. Then do steps #1,2, or 3 above to finish up the project and reap the biggest reward. Be inspired, have fun, clear the clutter, and give yourself a fresh start!

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